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Luna Luz is a bamboo baby clothing brand that launched in September of 2023. They offer premium baby clothing that stretches to fit little ones for 6 to 24 months, helping parents minimize their budget, laundry, and storage.

Luna Luz entrusted Creative Quest Marketing with the mission of transforming their fledgling startup from ground zero to a triumphant hero. This comprehensive endeavor involved enhancements to their website, email campaigns and automation, social media advertising, and more.

Homepage Refresh

We dedicated our efforts to enhancing the homepage’s visual appeal by incorporating a captivating video hero, showcasing featured collections, and strategically placing compelling CTAs throughout.

We also introduced informative content highlights to provide visitors with a deeper understanding of the brand, fostering a desire to make a purchase.

Email Marketing & Automation

Starting with no email marketing campaigns or automation, we crafted a complete email strategy for Luna Luz, creating visually appealing templates, content, and strategies that would maximize their impact in the inbox.

Social Media Advertising

Being a new business meant Luna Luz had to get in front of people. A lot of people. Fast.

We implemented social media marketing as a go-to-market strategy for them. With their launch in September and Holiday sales in November, they didn’t have much time to figure out what worked for them or who their audience was going to be.

With our help, we were able to create attention-grabbing video ads that not only showcased their unique offerings but also resonated with their target audience, leading to increased brand awareness and engagement. Our strategy played a crucial role in establishing Luna Luz as a standout presence in the market within a short timeframe.